SH-500B Black Anodized Finish 2" BDL Belt Drive Fits 1970-1978 Shovelhead Models

Got HP? If so, youíre going to want to get your hands on one of the new SH-500 DRIVE systems by Belt Drives, Ltd. The latest in a long line of trend setting drives, the 500 SERIES offers enthusiasts a number of significant advantages over other aftermarket and stock systems. First, BDLís reinforced 2Ē belt was developed specifically to handle the high torque and horsepower numbers being produced by todayís big inch V-Twin engines. Additionally the system incorporates a bullet proof, one-piece billet motor plate and unique side guard and starter gear cover. Every 500 kit includes the very latest in clutch technology with BDLís own patented BALL BEARING CLUTCH. The state of the art design offers up to 30% more contact surface, reduced lever pull, smother transition, super quiet operation and flawless clutch engagement. Instead of a 5 in a 4 shovel, our special gear ratio allows the 4 speed to come of the line with power and affords great highway performance and mileage.