Belt Drives Limited offers high quality aftermarket performance primary belt drives for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Total Performance Engineering was established in 2002 in Danbury, Connecticut. TP Engineering is the premier manufacturer of performance v-twin TPE engines, engine components, and TPE transmissions for the Harley-Davidson aftermarket and custom motorcycle industry. TPE manufactures and assembles its products in the U.S.A. using the finest American materials available from U.S. companies.

TP Engineering manufactures the finest v-twin engines to fit the motorcycles based on the evo platform. TPE also manufactures the Pro-Series line of engine components, including patented Pro-Vent rocker boxes, patented smart oil pumps and classic oil pumps, forged roller rocker arms and the Scramjet air cleaner for Evo and Twin Cam engines.

TP Engineering’s customers are motorcycle enthusiasts who insist on the highest quality in the products that they buy. They demand excellent fit and finish; a lot of smooth, usable power; responsiveness, reliability, and great looks. TPE’s customers value products made with the finest American materials machined and assembled here in the U.S.A.

Stay with the leader and take advantage of the expertise that has earned TP Engineering industry-wide recognition. There is a very good reason why internationally-recognized custom bike builders choose TP Engineering: it’s TPE’s ability to meet and exceed their uncompromising standards with the entire line of Pro-Series engines.

TP Engineering stands behind its products – up to two years with unlimited mileage. You probably won’t need it, but TPE’s warranty reflects its confidence in its Pro-Series engines. Using both crankshaft and rear-wheel dynamometers, TPE tests its products and analyzes the results to ensure its engines will exceed your expectations. TPE uses computer-assisted design and manufacturing technologies to make parts that are consistently machined to precise tolerances.

TP Engineering’s philosophy is simple. TPE strives to manufacture the highest quality products and holds them to the highest standards in the marketplace. Total Performance demands total dedication, first and foremost. TPE’s process for engineering its products is to provide strength and stability where needed, and choose the best materials for each application to ensure smoothness, quietness, endurance, and reliability.

TP Engineering’s Pro-Series components are engineered specifically for the demands of high-performance applications and manufactured right here in the United States. TPE relies on no outside sources to produce its premium engines. Get ready to experience throttle responses like you read about, coupled with the smooth power delivery you’ve always wanted. Thanks to TPE’s exclusive MegaTorque intake port and detonation-free combustion chamber, riders will experience an arousing level of useable power across the engine’s entire RPM range. Smooth, quiet, dependable power; unmistakable good looks; quality fit and finish – it all adds up to the Pro-Series experience.

All engines include the innovations you’ve come to expect from TP Engineering: the patented smart pump that routes oil to the oil filter before it enters the engine and delivers a constant flow of oil to the top-end and bottom-end of the engine at all times; the remote-mounted single-fire ignition with crankshaft-position sensor means no more timing lights; patented Pro-Vent chromed billet rocker boxes; TPE’s exclusive Scramjet air cleaner; 70765-T6 billet lifter blocks; forged coated pistons; two-piece billet cam cover with chromed nose-cone; push-button compression releases; forged steel roller rocker arms; and high performance Mikuni 45mm carburetor.

Dress yours up just the way you want it – TP Engineering gives you more options so the engine you buy arrives just the way you want it, and with a factory warranty. Powder coat is available. The entire Pro-Series family of engines is available in the configuration used to successfully pass U.S. EPA and California ARB standards for exhaust and noise emissions.

All performance aftermarket TPE engines, transmissions, and other motorcycle parts are designed to fit stock OEM Harley-Davidson motorcycles with no modifications. Visit for more information regarding TP Engineering and its family of TPE motorcycle engines, transmissions, and other drivetrain products.

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