BAKER Drivetrain premium transmissions

BAKER Drivetrain was founded in 1998 in Saginaw, Michigan by Bert and Lisa Baker. BAKER is renowned for its line of performance aftermarket BAKER transmissions for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The company has recently entered the performance aftermarket primary and belt drive markets. BAKER Drivetrain is dedicated to premium drivetrain standards for American big-twin motorcycles. BAKER is committed to using materials, labor, creativity, know-how, and grit that is born or made in the USA. To maintain its reputation of quality as it develop products, BAKER’s strict research and development practices are never compromised. BAKER’s iron-fisted protocol of an intense attention to detail will always be exercised in manufacturing to continue to earn its position and the American motorcycle drivetrain authority.

The team at BAKER Drivetrain stands shoulder-to-shoulder behind the guaranteed products that they release with plain-English-speaking technical support before and after your purchase. BAKER’s purpose is to steadfast against the foreign agents as one of the few companies that keeps the purity and integrity of a legendary motorcycle known as the American V-Twin. This company philosophy is cultivated at BAKER and continues to reverberate throughout the company culture. Because of this initial innovation delivered via a strict commitment to quality using the finest people and materials along with a dedicated focus to the American motorcycle drivetrain, BAKER maintains its seat as the American V-Twin drivetrain authority.

In the quest for the ultimate answers to drivetrain challenges, BAKER Drivetrain uses the latest design technologies and best-proven developmental methods. BAKER undergoes comprehensive testing until all its goals are reached with an educated mastery. BAKER utilizes the finest suppliers which continue to be American and work with them person to person quite often. The result is that BAKER truly, profoundly, and absolutely understands the very earnest ins-and-outs of its products. With its given success record and overall personality, BAKER Drivetrain is seen as a creative and innovative company. BAKER was the first to figure out the overdrive 6-speed successfully. BAKER solved wide-tire imbalance when it put the secondary drive on the right side for the first Right-Side-Drive on a Big Twin. BAKER finessed the shift drum’s map into shift patterns that go forward, back, neutral-first, this way, and that - and with a more positive engagement. These are just some examples of BAKER’s many groundbreaking innovations in the American motorcycle drivetrain authority.

BAKER is a highly reputable American brand. American design, engineering, and manufacturing go into every facet of BAKER transmissions, primaries, belt drives, and its other products. BAKER is keeping a truly American company as an industry leader. Visit for more information regarding BAKER Drivetrain and its family of BAKER motorcycle transmissions, primaries and other American-made motorcycle drivetrain products.

The Original BAKER Manifesto:

“We are the originators of innovative drivetrain designs for the American motorcycle aftermarket. We don’t copy and we don’t imitate. We use unmatched development experience to design and manufacture our premium drivetrain products for those who demand the best. If you are shopping for a “good deal” or don’t mind imported products that are second best, look elsewhere. If you want the best American-made drivetrain products available give us a call.”

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